To party bag, or not to party bag? This has long been one of the biggest questions faced by any parent.

Okay, so not quite. But whether you’re looking for cheap and cheerful ideas or conscious of your kids-party-eco-footprint, here are a few fun and easy gifts that won’t cost the earth, or your wallet.

Plastic-free party bag ideas

If you want to cut down on waste or avoid kids coming home with another plastic toy they won’t use, these plastic-free party bag fillers are great alternatives.

Get crafty with make-your-own activities

Getting kids involved in a craft activity during the party can be a great alternative to traditional party bags. They can have fun getting creative and make their very own gift to take home and show off.

Quick and easy ideas if you’re on a budget

Hey, we get it. Sometimes you just want something cheap and cheerful that’ll please the mini party people (and let’s face it, make home time way easier). These simple gifts are sure winners.

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