The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the suspension in the vast majority of family activities across the UK. In response to this, Hoop is no longer listing activities that families are required to attend in person, and we shall keep this rule in place until further notice.

Now, more than ever, families are in search of new ways to entertain, educate and inspire their children. Yet many of us also having to juggle our work and caring responsibilities, and so finding the time to cook up new ways to play and learn can be difficult.

At Hoop we understand these challenges, and so we’ve made two important changes in response to our newfound situation.

Live Streams of Kids’ Activities

We’re now listing activities in the Hoop app that you can attend from your own home via live stream. Many of the local organisers that you know and love are already making use of this feature, and attending their sessions is one way of supporting these fantastic local businesses. We hope more organiser will publish details of their live streams on Hoop in the coming days and weeks.

Hundreds of Handy Resources

We’ve collated some of our favourite ways to keep kids entertained, active and learning from across the web. You can find them right here on our blog, Hoop Rolling. We hope you find them useful.

Many of us will find the lack of social interaction challenging – more so you when you’re looking after children 24/7. In fact, it was exactly these sorts of feelings that led us to set up Hoop in the first place. But right now, the best thing we can do to protect our friends, family and community is to stay at home, and we wanted to do our part in support of this.

Stay safe, and look after each other.

Team Hoop.